About Loss Modelling analytics (3 CPD)

Loss Modelling analytics (3 CPD)

Loss modelling analytics (03/06/2021) (3 CPD)


This workshop introduces the essential concepts of building insurance loss models with R.

On this session you will gain insights in the foundations of handling insurance loss data, including useful data wrangling and visualization steps. You will cover a variety of discrete and continuous loss distributions, and techniques to build more flexible distributions from standard distributions (by mixing and splicing). You will learn how to fit these models to actual data and inspect their goodness-of-fit. Then, you will use the fitted model to estimate risk measures.


The course offers a good mix of theory, examples and hands-on coding demonstrations with R and RStudio.

The online session will be organized via MS Teams or Zoom.

Since (at least) two teachers will run the course, participants have the possibility to join a break out room for one-on-one assistance regarding questions or coding examples.



Ticket type Price
Members € 150.00
Non-members € 225.00

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