IA|BE Syllabus for Actuarial Training

The first Syllabus for Actuarial Training in Belgium had been developed by the Education Committee and approved by the Board of the Koninklijke Vereniging van Belgische Actuarissen (KVBA) / Association Royale des Actuaires Belges in 2004.

This IA|BE Syllabus for Actuarial Training is an update of the previous version and is intended to be in line with the 2019 version of the Core Syllabus for Actuarial Training of the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE) which is in accordance with the Education Syllabus of the International Actuarial Association (IAA).

Pursuant to Article 4 of the Bylaws of IA|BE, to become member of the Institute, evidence of a thorough theoretical knowledge of actuarial sciences at the time of application for membership must be provided.

Furthermore IA|BE must comply with the minimum education standards taken up in the Core Syllabus for Actuarial Training of the AAE in order to ensure that members who are deemed to be eligible for recognition under the Mutual Recognition Agreement of the AAE have completed IA|BE’s education and qualification requirements and, in doing so, have as a minimum fulfilled the requirements of the AAE Core Syllabus for Actuarial Training.

The purpose of the IA|BE Syllabus is to set out the minimum framework for the formation of a professionally recognized actuary.

The IA|BE Syllabus for Actuarial Training, of which the structure and content has been based on the AAE Core Syllabus for Actuarial Training, consists of four sections:

- Section 1: Necessary prerequisites

- Section 2: Basic Actuarial Education

- Section 3: Advanced Skills

- Section 4: Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Those who wish to become members of the Institute must fulfil the requirements set out in the first three sections.

Those wishing to become or remain IA|BE Qualified Actuary must on top meet the requirements set out in the fourth section.

IA|BE commits itself to keep this syllabus under review and to update it as appropriate on a regular basis.

On a regular basis, a mapping of the education programmes of the universities to the syllabus will be performed.

The topics included in the first three sections are largely covered in close cooperation with the universities organizing the Master in Actuarial Sciences programme.

The missing topics of these three sections will be organized by IA|BE, as are the items in the fourth section.