Upcoming trainings

  1. On 10/09/19 in Brussels:

    Pension Program - Module 2 (Speaker: Dominique Beckers) (9 CPD)

    The following 3 sessions of the new program about 'Pensions'.

  2. On 24/09/19 in Brussels:

    Seminar IA|BE : Artificial Intelligence (4.50 CPD)

    The seminar aims at providing a holistic view on Artificial Intelligence in insurance (and/or financial institutions), with speakers representing different stakeholders .

  3. On 26/09/19 in Brussels:

    Deep learning in Insurance (Speaker: Robin Van Oirbeek) (7.50 CPD)

    In three sessions an introduction to Deep Learning (DL), a deep dive into the important technical details, an introduction to how to fine tune a Deep Learning model as well as an application of the DL methodology on insurance data will be discussed.

  4. On 01/10/19 in Brussels:

    ERM Concept and Framework (Speaker: Fran├žois Ducuroir) (6 CPD)

    In two sessions the fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management, some main ERM Standards, an overview of regulatory Risk Frameworks for Financial Institutions, ... will be discussed.

  5. On 15/10/19 in Brussels:

    R - Python - Open Source (Speakers: Luc Kesters & Robin Van Oirbeek) (15 CPD)

    In five sessions the basic principles of R, Python and Open Source ( data visualisation, data manipulation, advanced data structures, automatic reporting, app building, ...) will be explained, completed with some exercises.

  6. On 12/11/19 in Brussels:

    Forum IA|BE: Emerging Roles for Actuaries (3 CPD)

    What does the future hold for actuaries?