News & Knowledge

  1. FSMA bundles its expectations regarding IORP II, referring to good practices and EIOPA Opinions. More

  2. Servaas Houben (IA|BE Qualified Actuary) and Ronald Ketellapper explore the challenges of financial supervision in small countries, looking in particular at Curaçao. More

  3. To what extent can mortality data from 2020 and 2021 be of use, given how abnormal these years have been? More

  4. Edition No28 of the European Actuary - Quarterly Magazine of the AAE More

  5. AAE submitted a response to EIOPA’s Consultations on the revision of the Guidelines on Valuation of Technical Provisions and on Contract Boundaries. More

  6. AAE published the AAE Discussion Paper ‘Our future role as social security actuaries in Europe’. More

  7. IAA Releases a Paper on Climate-Related Scenarios Applied to Insurers and Other Financial Institutions. More

  8. Katrien Antonio named Actuary of the Year 2021. More

  9. AAE submitted a response to EIOPA’s Discussion paper on the Methodological Framework for Stress-Testing IORPs. More

  10. AAE submitted a response to EIOPA’s Consultation on technical advice on pension tracking services. More