About Python in more detail and exercises (2 CPD)

Python in more detail and exercises (2 CPD)

Second session about Python (30/09/2021 from 15h00 till 17h00) (2 CPD)

The first session on Python is planned on Thursday 23 September 2021 (16h00 - 18h00).

Since two hours is not enough to cover both theory and exercises, it was decided to replace the second planned session (in which a comparison would be made between Python and R) by a session in which Python will be discussed in more detail and exercises will be made.

This session is of interest to anyone who is interested in participating in IA|BE's new Data Science training programme which will start on 5 October 2021 and where participants can obtain the Actuarial Data Scientist certificate.

Of course, all other interested people are welcome as well.

The session will take place by using Teams.


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