The European Actuary No32 (December 2022)

Edition No32 of the European Actuary - Quarterly Magazine of the AAE

The new issue of The European Actuary (Number 32 – December 2022) is now available and can be downloaded from the AAE website.

The theme of this issue is: The new role of the actuary.

Featured Articles:

  • Getting under the skin of Solvency II | Interview with Karel Van Hulle
  • The future role of the actuary  | by Giampaolo Crenca
  • Reimagining the profession | by Matt Saker
  • Challenges or chances - a changing market landscape for actuary versus data science | by Yiru (Eve) Sun, Roger Yuan and Mark Spong
  • Inflation and insurance | by Wilbert Ouborg and Pieter Bouwknegt
  • IFRS17 revisited | by Servaas Houben
  • Fit and Proper - an opportunity for the actuarial profession | by Lutz Wilhelmy and Christophe Heck
  • Where is the actuarial journey headed | column by Frank Schiller

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