Past trainings

  1. On 05/10/22:

    Actuarial Data Scientist Program : Second edition - Module 3

    IA|BE is organizing for the second time a training program that will offer the possibility to obtain a certificate: the IA|BE Actuarial Data Scientist Certificate.

  2. On 04/10/22 in Brussels:

    Understanding IFRS 17 : Introduction (8 CPD)

    Get ready for IFRS 17!

  3. On 29/09/22:

    Valuation of Insurance Companies - 29/09/2022 (2 CPD)

    How to value a non-life or life insurance company ...

  4. On 27/09/22 in Brussels:

    Awarding Certificates of IA|BE Actuarial Data Scientist - 27/09/2022 (1 CPD)

    An official event during which the Certificate of IA|BE Actuarial Data Scientist will be awarded to the participants who have successfully completed the 3 modules of the training program.

  5. On 27/09/22 in Brussels:

    Invitation to attend a lecture organised by AG Insurance - 27/09/2022 (2 CPD)

    Lecture organised by AG Insurance ( Auditorium of AG Insurance, AG Campus, Nieuwbrug in Brussels).

  6. On 26/09/22:

    CERA Program

    Series of training courses and exams to deepen the knowledge in ERM.

  7. On 20/09/22:

    Chair IA|BE 2022 - 20/09/2022 (2 CPD)

    'Discrimination-Free Insurance Pricing: From Concepts to Implementation' by Professor Andreas Tsanakas.

  8. On 20/09/22:

    Training Catalogue IA|BE 2022

    Overview of upcoming trainings organised by IA|BE.

  9. On 21/06/22 in Brussels:

    IA|BE : IFRS 9 modelling for actuaries (3.50 CPD)

    This training focuses on the underlying mathematics, but some issues such as IT implementation and governance will also be discussed. After half a day, participants will have a broad view of IFRS9 and a good understanding of the issues involved in modelling expected credit losses and stage transfers.

  10. On 14/06/22:

    IA|BE : Climate Risks for Insurers (1 CPD)

    Motivations that insurance and pensions can save the world from climate changes.