Past trainings

  1. On 12/11/19 in Brussels:

    Forum IA|BE: Emerging Roles for Actuaries (3 CPD) : 12/11/2019

    What does the future hold for actuaries?

  2. On 15/10/19 in Brussels:

    R - Python - Open Source (Speakers: Luc Kesters & Robin Van Oirbeek) (15 CPD)

    In five sessions the basic principles of R, Python and Open Source ( data visualisation, data manipulation, advanced data structures, automatic reporting, app building, ...) will be explained, completed with some exercises.

  3. On 26/09/19 in Brussels:

    Deep learning in Insurance (Speaker: Robin Van Oirbeek) (7.50 CPD)

    In three sessions an introduction to Deep Learning (DL), a deep dive into the important technical details, an introduction to how to fine tune a Deep Learning model as well as an application of the DL methodology on insurance data will be discussed.

  4. On 24/09/19 in Brussels:

    Seminar IA|BE : Artificial Intelligence (4.50 CPD)

    The seminar aims at providing a holistic view on Artificial Intelligence in insurance (and/or financial institutions), with speakers representing different stakeholders .

  5. On 10/09/19 in Brussels:

    Pension Program - Module 2 (Speaker: Dominique Beckers) (9 CPD)

    The following 3 sessions of the new program about 'Pensions'.

  6. On 09/09/19 in Brussels:

    Corporate Governance, the letter and the spirit (Speaker: Jean-Claude Debussche) (3 CPD)

    This session is part of the CERA sessions.

  7. On 17/06/19 in Brussels:

    Pension Program - Module 1 (Speaker: Pierre Devolder)

    The first 3 sessions of a new program about 'Pensions'.

  8. On 11/06/19 in Brussels:

    IFRS 17 (Speaker: Kurt Lambrechts)

    Introduction and status 2019

  9. On 21/05/19 in Brussels:

    Solvency II Review (Speaker: Mathias Wambeke)

    In two sessions the SII reviews will be discussed.

  10. On 30/04/19 in Brussels:

    IAS 19 (Speaker: Geert De Ridder)

    In this session the basic principles about IAS 19 will be explained.