Past events

  1. On 26/06/19:

    Webinar EAA

    Webinar on the topic 'Update on InsurTech and Digitization'.

  2. On 25/06/19:

    Webinar AAE

    Webinar on the topic 'Meeting the Challenge of Ageing in the EU'.

  3. On 18/06/19 in Brussels:

    Meeting International Committee

    Meeting International Committee

  4. On 17/06/19 in Brussel:

    Conference BFF

    Colloquium organised by the Belgian Financial Forum and Women in Finance about 'Gender in Finance: Why Diversity Matters'.

  5. On 14/06/19:

    Workshop KU Leuven and BNP Paribas Fortis

    Central Topic: Fraude Detection using Analytics

  6. On 06/06/19:

    PensionsEurope Conference 2019

    Europe's pensions leaders debate the future of work and pensions.

  7. On 05/06/19 in Brussel:

    Conference BFF

    Conference organised by the Belgian Financial Forum about 'Learning about macroeconomic and financial stability'.

  8. On 04/06/19 in Brussels:

    Meeting Professional Committee

    Meeting Professional Committee

  9. On 04/06/19 in Brussels:

    Meeting WG Actuarial Function

    WG Actuarial Function

  10. On 28/05/19 in Brussels:

    Actuarial Science Seminar : Individual Claims Reserving models ...

    Actuarial Science Seminar organised by the NBB/BNB in collaboration with KU Leuven, UCL and ULB.