About First Lunchcauserie organised by AWA - IA|BE : 10/10/2024

First Lunchcauserie organised by AWA - IA|BE : 10/10/2024

First Lunchcauserie organised by Actuaries Without Age (AWA) - IA|BE (10/10/2024) : The view of the National Bank of Belgium.

Following themes are important towards the future: What are the future challenges for the insurance (and banking) sector in Belgium over the next decade? What will be the influence of ageing on the future of our economy? Looks the future of our public finances bright and what are the consequence of the  European rules? The governance of the financial sector and especially the insurance sector and pension funds requires expertise and a professional framework : which role can the actuary play in the public interest? 

Mr Steven Vanackere, Deputy Governor of NBB/BNB is so kind to take the floor during the first lunchcauserie organised by Actuaries Without Age (IA|BE) and share with us his view about these and other themes.

When? 10 October 2024 (12h00 - 14h00)

Steven VanackereProgramme?

11h45 - 12h00: Arrival of the participants

12h00 - 12h05: Word of welcome by Karel Goossens, Chair AWA - IA|BE

12h05 - 12h15: Introduction by Pierre Devolder, Professor UCL

12h15 - 13h00: Lunchcauserie by Steven Vanackere, Deputy Governor NBB/BNB

14h00: Closing of the lunchcauserie by Fabian de Bilderling, Chair IA|BE

Venue of the event?

Universitaire Stichting - Foundation Universitaire - Room Félicien Cattier - Rue d'Egmont/ Egmontstraat 11 - 1000 Brussels.

In case of questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


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