About Communication for Actuaries (8 CPD)

Communication for Actuaries (8 CPD)

Training: Communication for Actuaries (06/11/2023 till 27/11/2023) (8 CPD)

How can an actuary communicate their findings, results, ideas and arguments in a comprehensible manner to various stakeholders who don't have the same technical knowledge ...

One of the learning areas included in the IA|BE Syllabus for Actuarial Training (2021) is 'Personal and actuarial professional practice' where 'Effective communications' is one of the topics to be covered.

In that context IA|BE organises the training 'Communication for Actuaries'.


Caroline Grégoire

Caroline Grégoire, Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer & Speaker.  Former Head of Operational Risk & Risk Reporting at Hannover Re, Germany.

Practical information:

These sessions will be organized by using MS TEAMS.

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