About IA|BE Working Group Data Science & AI - 13/03/2023 (1.50 CPD)

IA|BE Working Group Data Science & AI - 13/03/2023 (1.50 CPD)

Presenting to our members the activities and results of the Working Group 'DATA SCIENCE & AI' - 13/03/2023 (17h30 - 19h00) ( 1.50 CPD)

Title: Social Network Analysis for Actuaries

Social networks form a natural framework for many problems. Also in actuarial science, be it life, non-life or health, we can extend our current notion of the work using social networks.

During this presentation, we are going to introduce the basic concepts of a network, which will be defined using simple notation from graph theory.

We will justify their relevance for actuaries using simple examples. These examples will be supported via a live demo written in the Python programming language.

At the end of the presentation, we will quickly touch upon some state-of-the-art techniques that can be used to extract meaningful information. 

Speakers: Bruno Deprez & Félix Vandervorst

Practical information

1) You can participate in the Actuarial House.
Please note: the number of places will be limited to 20.


2) You can participate online.
You will receive the Teams link 1 day befor the start of the session.

Participation is free!

Schedule of IA|BE Working Group SII Data Science & AI - 13/03/2023 (1.50 CPD)

On Monday 13 March:
17:30 - 19:00 IA|BE Working Group Data Science & AI : Social Network Analysis for Actuaries


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