About WG Mortality - 28/10/2022

WG Mortality - 28/10/2022

Preparation event: Prospective mortality tables taking socio-economic factors into account (28/10/2022) (12h00 - 14h00) (2 CPD)

A VUB/UGent project group, led by Prof Steven Vanduffel, has been working for 2 years on a pension project in which prospective mortality tables are built that also take socio-economic factors into account.

The aim is to present the results of this research to all IA|BE members and other interested parties.
In preparation for this event, Steven Vanduffel and his colleagues are willing to first present the state of the art to the members of the Mortality Working Group.
It is of course also the intention to get your feedback, remarks,questions, suggestions ... during this meeting.
The meeting will be exclusively arranged live at the Actuarial House. Sandwiches will be provided.

Please confirm your participation as soon as possible.


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