About 4th European Congress of Actuaries

4th European Congress of Actuaries

EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF ACTUARIES 2022 on 2 and 3 June 2022


For its 4th European Congress of Actuaries, the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE) invites all interested actuaries and experts to discuss the current professional challenges and opportunities arising from new areas  of activity of the  profession as well  as from  traditional work  areas. We will put a special focus on the environment actuaries work  and operate  in and the  fast development of this environment in the recent past and expectations for the future.

Emerging Risks: Identification, Taxonomy and Mitigation

  • What role do actuaries play in developing cyber risk coverage?
  • What kind of new financial risks do we expect? How to deal with them?
  • What kind of health related risks have an impact on traditional insurance or set off new products?
  • How to model biometric risks in the aftermath of a pandemic?
  • Climate and environmental risk, sustainability and actuaries: How to make use of our specific knowledge?

Data Science and Data Ethics

  • How can actuaries obtain a modern data science skillset?
  • What do we see in the market: How actuaries and data scientists (will) work together?
  • Ethical questions around big data and privacy: What is the role of actuaries?
  • Artificial Intelligence for actuarial tasks – What can we expect? How can we shape this field?

Manage Uncertainty in Data

  • Is more data always better?
  • Structured data vs. unstructured data: Where do we stand?
  • How to rate expert judgement based on available data?

Wider Use of Actuarial Skills

  • Actual use cases: In which fields ‘actuarial knowledge and expertise’ can be of great value?
  • What kind of skills help actuaries from outside of the own environment?

Back to the Roots: New Approaches in Traditional Fields

  • How to make use of new techniques in traditional actuarial areas like pricing, reserving and solvency?
  • How to best evaluate customer behaviour and what can we learn from it?
  • When do the advantages of big data and granularity override the basic foundations of insurance?
  • How to deal with the outcome of the Solvency II review?
  • What are the effects of issues such as intergenerational fairness or green investment on pensions?
  • What did we learn after the pandemic from the actuarial and/or the risk management view?

And further relevant actuarial topics …

Abstract submission procedure

The ECA 2022 Program Committee welcomes abstracts, especially on the above mentioned topics until 31 October 2021. The presentations for the congress program will be selected by 15 November 2021.

Please submit your abstract via the homepage -> Call for Papers!