Past trainings

  1. On 21/03/2019 in Brussels:

    Valuation of Insurance Companies (Speaker: Marc Beckers) (2 CPD)

    This workshop will provide the participants with a strong understanding of how to value a non-life or life insurance company as well as a legacy portfolio and multi-line businesses. The training will last about 2 hours including a break and Q&A.

  2. On 21/03/2019 in Ixelles:

    Workshop "Fair Valuation in Insurance"

    Workshop "Fair Valuation in Insurance"

  3. On 19/03/2019 in Brussels:

    Other Risks (Speaker: Fran├žois Ducuroir) (3 CPD)

    The training will introduce the key concepts of Liquidity Risk, Operational Risk, Model risk and other risks.