Past trainings

  1. On 11/06/19 in Brussels:

    IFRS 17 (Speaker: Kurt Lambrechts) (4 CPD)

    Introduction and status 2019

  2. On 21/05/19:

    Solvency II Review (Speaker: Mathias Wambeke) (4 CPD)

    In two sessions the SII reviews will be discussed.

  3. On 30/04/19 in Brussels:

    IAS 19 (Speaker: Geert De Ridder) (3 CPD)

    In this session the basic principles about IAS 19 will be explained.

  4. On 25/04/19 in Brussels:

    How 3rd party capital can be used to create value for an insurer (Speaker: Marc Beckers) (2 CPD)

    This workshop will provide the participants with an insight into alternative reinsurance capital.

  5. On 04/04/19 in Brussels:

    Auto-Enrollment and Auto-Escalation: New trends in international pension funding (Speaker: Pierre Devolder) (2 CPD)

    In many countries, the demographic challenge faced by public pension systems has motivated the state to develop and promote in top of social security programs, funded schemes based on compulsory or voluntary affiliation.

    In order to facilitate a maximum coverage of people, a new concept has successfully emerged:  the auto enrollment.  

  6. On 02/04/19 in Brussels:

    Risk Mitigation (Liability side of the balance sheet) (Speaker: Eddy Vanbeneden) (2.50 CPD)

    In this training about Risk Mitigation the focus will be put on the liability side of the balance sheet.

  7. On 21/03/19 in Brussels:

    Valuation of Insurance Companies (Speaker: Marc Beckers) (2 CPD)

    This workshop will provide the participants with a strong understanding of how to value a non-life or life insurance company as well as a legacy portfolio and multi-line businesses. The training will last about 2 hours including a break and Q&A.

  8. On 21/03/19 in Ixelles:

    Workshop "Fair Valuation in Insurance"

    Workshop "Fair Valuation in Insurance"

  9. On 19/03/19 in Brussels:

    Other Risks (Speaker: Fran├žois Ducuroir) (3 CPD)

    The training will introduce the key concepts of Liquidity Risk, Operational Risk, Model risk and other risks.