About Conférence Belgian Finance Center - 17/04/2023

Conférence Belgian Finance Center - 17/04/2023


Monday 17 april 2023 at 6.15 pm

in the Offices of TreeTop Asset Management

 " Insurance and climate change: is it possible to cover growing risks at an acceptable cost and ensure insurability? "

Climate change has led to an increase in natural disaster risks, which calls into question the continued affordability of insurance coverage for certain risks.

In this conference, we will explore the evolving solutions developed to cover the increasing risks, including the use of data analysis, reinsurance and pooling, public-private partnerships, and innovative strategies such as parametric insurance or cat bonds.

We will also discuss how insurers can help reduce the costs of disasters through prevention.

Join us to find out how insurers and reinsurers can adapt to today's challenges and continue to provide insurance coverage in the face of growing climate risks.

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