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  1. The 2018 Ageing report

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    The 2018 Ageing Report was prepared as part of the mandate the Economic and Financial Affairs (ECOFIN) Council gave to the Economic Policy Committee (EPC) in 2015 to update and further deepen its common exercise of age-related expenditure projections, on the basis of a new population projection by Eurostat. It is the sixth report with long-term projections of the budgetary impact of the ageing population in the EU Member States and Norway, covering the period 2016–2070. In response to the mandate, the EPC mandated a working group, the Ageing Working Group (AWG) under the chairmanship of Godwin Mifsud, to take forward the work needed to discharge this remit. More

  2. The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) issued a call for experts to join a Technical Expert Network on Catastrophe Risks with the aim to strengthen and complement EIOPA's expertise with regard to the modelling and mitigation of (natural) catastrophe risks and climate change risks. This initiative is part of EIOPA's work on sustainable finance. More

  3. The Lancet has published a study on moddeling life expectancy, all-cause mortality and cause of death forecasts. The authors' reference forecast predicted continued declines in global mortality and improvements in life expectancy, though at a slower rate than achieved in the past. Because of faster progress among many lower-SDI countries, absolute disparities between countries are currently projected to narrow by 2040. Nonetheless, the differences between better health and worse health scenarios for 2040 remain substantial, emphasising that the reference forecast is not inevitable and thus policy choices made today can profoundly affect each country’s future health trajectories. More

  4. In the recent publication of the 2018 Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking for Actuarial Science, Risk and Insurance, the three Belgian universities offering an actuarial program made it to the top 20. UCLouvain ranks first, ULB can be found on the 4th place, KULeuven is on 16. This once again proves the quality of the actuarial programs at the Belgian universities. More