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Advantages of being an IA|BE member

As a member of the Institute of Actuaries in Belgium (IA|BE), you are part of a global network of over 1 200 actuaries in Belgium and over 70 000 actuarial professionals worldwide.

The commitment you make to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and continuing professional development and training provides assurance on your qualifications to your employers, clients, colleagues and the public at large. 

Other benefits of being a member include:

  • Access to several events (seminars, working groups, assemblies, … ) during which you will meet colleagues and fellow actuaries;
  • Information about recent developments within the Institute and several fields of expertise through trainings, newsletters, our website, participation in working groups, ...
  • Reduced pricing for IA|BE trainings;
  • Possibility to obtain the certification of IA|BE Qualified Actuary.

Not yet graduated as an actuary? During your actuarial studies you can already "prejoin" the Institute free of charge. See further below.


Prerequisites to become an IA|BE member

The Institute is a membership organisation.
To become a member, one must fulfill the three following requirements:

  1. ("theory") provide evidence of a thorough theoretical knowledge of actuarial sciences, as described in the IA|BE Syllabus, at the time of application for membership;
  2. ("practice") engage in, plan to engage in or have engaged in professional actuarial activities;
  3. ("ethics") undertake in writing to respect the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct and to submit to the Institute’s Sanctions Policy.

The procedures for acquiring and retaining membership, the correct application of the abovementioned conditions and the rights and obligations of the members are described in the House Rules.

If you completed your studies in Actuarial Sciences at a Belgian University you automatically fulfill the first requirement ("theory").

IA|BE Membership Fee

The annual IA|BE membership fee is determined by the Statutory General Assembly.

The fees for the current period (April 2023 till March 2024) in the table below apply.

Regular member Junior member Retired member Member for Life Academic member
260€ 130€ 130€ 0€ 0€

For a complete year 34,25€ p.p. of the IA|BE membership fee is passed on: 14,25€ to the International Actuarial Association and 20,00€ to the Actuarial Association of Europe.

Advantages as IA|BE premember

During your actuarial studies you can already "prejoin" the Institute free of charge. You will be kept informed on job postings, internships and receive invitations to networking events.