IA|BE Working Groups

IA|BE organizes Working Groups for members to gather around topics of a specific importance for their professional development or for the Institute. Working Groups should have a clear mission or terms of reference, and should operate within a clear timeframe.

Working Groups currently active are IFRS17, IAS19, Mortality, Actuarial Function in Insurance, Pension Education, Solvency II, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and Task Force Corona.

Working Group that is in the process of being created is Risk Management for Pension Institutions.

Active Working Groups

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Actuarial Function

The actuarial function is one of the four independent control functions in the second line of defence.

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Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Communicate, investigate, prepare and educate for a smooth transition and integration of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence into the pillars of actuarial work.

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IFRS 17 is an international reporting standard for insurance contract liabilities.

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International Accounting Standard 19 (IAS 19) outlines the accounting requirements for employee benefits, including short-term benefits.

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The Mortality Working Group will provide insights and knowledge with respect to mortality and trends in mortality in Belgium

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The Pension Education Working Group will develop a recurring CPD program about all aspects of 'Pensions'.

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The Working Group Solvency II will initially focus on the 2020 Solvency II Review

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Risk Management for Pension Institutions

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Task Force Corona

The  mission  of  this  task  force  is  to  determine  how  to  assist  members   and  the  Institute  in  facing  the  challenges  created  by  the  corona-­crisis

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