WG Actuarial Function

Terms of Reference


Follow-up of all technical and regulatory topics related to the Actuarial Function (AF) within the Belgian Solvency II and General Accounting Standards frameworks with the exception of the IORP2 framework that is the object of another IA|BE working group.


  • Provide updated guidance w.r.t the reporting duties of the Actuarial Function in accordance with the Belgian Solvency II regulation, including precisions on the analysis to be performed and the content of the assessments;
  • Communicate with IA|BE members and other stakeholders of the insurance sector on the Actuarial Function;
  • Educate IA|BE members over the topic.


  • Deliver guidance for each topic that belongs to the Actuarial Function activities mentioned in the Circular NBB_2016_31 updated in September 2018;
  • Present the new evolutions by presentations;
  • Inform IA|BE members on this topic.


In 2019, the aim is to provide guidance on :

  • The part of the AF annual report related to the governance;
  • The profit sharing;
  • The reinsurance;
  • All other AF activities – to be further continued in 2020 until complete achievement of the guidance.