In these section, members can find a number of documents related to the actuarial profession.

Guidance documents Actuarial Function

The Working Group Actuarial Function under Solvency II created a number of Guidance documents to assist the Actuarial Function at Belgian insurers in their reporting duties in accordance with the Belgian Solvency II regulation.

So far, 4 Guidance documents were created:

This Working Group will going forward produce similar Guidance documents on other topics.

Responses to Consultations

The recent answers to consultations initiated by regulators can be found here as well.

Standards of Actuarial Practice

The General Assembly of IABE approved in December 2015 the Belgian Standard of Actuarial Practice  BSAP 1.  IABE Members commit to applying this standard covering the General Actuarial Practice in their actuarial work, while also respecting the IABE Code of Professional Conduct. 

The European Standards of Actuarial Practise (ESAPs) are model standards of practice developed by the AAE. ESAPs are model standards of actuarial practice and are as such not binding. So far, 3 ESAPs were issued:

    • ESAP 1 covers the General Actuarial Practice. Since October 2019, a Glossary complements ESAP 1.
    • ESAP 2 covers the Actuarial Function Report under Directive 2009/138/EC.
    • ESAP 3 covers the Actuarial Practice in Relation to the ORSA Process under Solvency II.

The International Standards of Actuarial Practice (ISAPs) are also model standards of practice developed by the Actuarial Standards Committee of the IAA, and are as such not binding. So far, 6 ISAP's were issued: 

    • ISAP 1 covers the General Actuarial Practice
    • ISAP 1Acovers Governance of Models 
    • ISAP 2 covers Financial Analysis of Social Security Programs
    • ISAP 3 covers IAS 19 Employee Benefits
    • ISAP 4 covers IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts
    • ISAP 5 covers Insurer Enterprise Risk Models
    • ISAP 6 covers Enterprise Risk Management Programs and IAIS Insurance Core Principles
    • A Glossary complements the ISAPs 

Other documents