About VSAE Actuarial Congress 2024

VSAE Actuarial Congress 2024

Invitation of the next VSAE Actuarial Congress :

Every spring a committee is formed which, coordinated by the VSAE (Association of Actuarial and Econometrics Students), takes on the task of organizing the next congress. This is done in close consultation and support of the Royal Actuarial Association.

The next Actuarial Congress will take place on Tuesday the 5th of March 2024. Our goal is to host an engaging and informative conference firmly rooted in high-quality knowledge. As part of this effort, we also publish an annual magazine containing up-to-date articles related to the conference theme, most of which are written specifically for the event. This commitment to quality has translated into the achievement of 6 PE points and since last year also 6 CPD points.

Registrations will open on November 10th at 09:00. You can register for the congress here: Registration Actuarial Congress 2024

Finally, if you have any questions or comments about the congress or previous editions, you can reach us at any time via the contact information below :

T: 00 31 20 525 4846