About Valuation of Insurance Companies (Speaker: Marc Beckers)

Valuation of Insurance Companies (Speaker: Marc Beckers)

This training will allow participants to build a structured approach to the analysis and valuation of non-life and life insurance companies through a mix of lecture and case studies.  The workshop will equip participants to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the insurance business and its products;
  • Understand the IFRS financial statements of insurance companies;
  • Review forecasting and valuation models for a non-life insurance companies;
  • Apply intrinsic and relative valuation methods such as market and transactional trading multiples and, for multi-line insurance companies, the sum-of-the-parts;
  • Understand core elements of life insurance, such as the specific additional voluntary disclosure of Embedded Value.

 The workshop makes use of case studies and exercises, with non-life and life insurance companies being analysed and financial models reviewed.

 Language can be either English, Flemish or French depending on the participants.


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Ticket type Price
Members € 100.00
Non-members € 165.00

If you are a PHD student, please contact us for a customised fee.