The Board

The Board is the central governing body of IA|BE. It is composed of eleven members, mandated by the members through elections for a term of three years. The current Board was mandated by the Statutory General Assembly of 14 March 2019.

Besides the position of chairperson, for which alternating rules apply for being Dutch or French speaking, there are five Dutch and five French speaking Board members.

As IA|BE has many young actuaries amongst its members, the Board includes at least two members with less than three years of actuarial professional experience at election.

The Board carries out all actions useful or necessary to achieve the Institute objectives, as determined by the Bylaws and the House Rules of the Institute. It oversees the activities allocated to the different committees and working groups.

The current Board is composed of:

  • Erik Van Camp, Chairman
  • Fabian de Bilderling, Vice-Chairman
  • Jean-Claude De Pooter
  • Jan De Roeck
  • Rob De Staelen
  • Philippe Demol
  • Bertrand Keyers
  • Audrey Meganck
  • Laurent Serez
  • Félix Vandervorst
  • Nicole Verheyen