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  1. AAE submitted a response to EIOPA’s Discussion paper on blockchain and smart contracts in insurance. More

  2. AAE published a paper on Extrapolation of the risk-free interest rate term structure in the context of the Solvency II 2020 review. More

  3. AAE submitted a response to EIOPA’s Consultation on framework to address value for money risk in the European unit-linked market. More

  4. AAE issued a Press Release on the publication of the AAE Position Paper ‘Insurability and pandemic (or more generally, shared resilience) risk’. More

  5. AAE responds to ESA's Targeted consultation on the supervisory convergence and the single rulebook. More

  6. AAE: Press release

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    Publication of the AAE Commentary Paper 'Application of Professional Judgment by Actuaries'. More

  7. Newsletter prepared by Schumann European Affairs, exclusively for the AAE. More

  8. ECA 2019

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    ECA 2019 press release More

  9. The Swiss Actuarial Association will organize the 44th AAE Annual Meeting in 2021. More

  10. The third European Congress of Actuaries will take place in Lisbon on 6 and 7 June 2019. It will discuss the professional challenges and opportunities in traditional work areas as well as in new areas of activity of actuaries: new technologies, data science and cyber risks, behavioral finance, consumer protection, independent advice, capital standards, implementation of Solvency II, IORP, actuarial skills in wider fields and much more. The target audience includes practitioners, actuaries and academics, risk managers working in industry, decision makers and other professionals interested in the future of risk management in Europe. More