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  1. Edition No30 of the European Actuary - Quarterly Magazine of the AAE More

  2. IA|BE responded to the NBB consultation on the draft communication on the Actuarial Function tasks and the documentation w.r.t. the technical provisions; the response was prepared by the Solvency II Working Group and SII Actuarial Function Working Group. More


  4. The new IA|BE Board met on 25th April and on 30th April to define its vision, priorities and objectives for the next three years (2022-2025).  The statements below relate to concrete action points but also to a willingness to define more concrete objectives.  The Board will not limit its mission to these statements, so these statements are not exhaustive, as new objectives can be added during the mandate. Purpose of this document is to offer the Members from the start a clear view on the main initiatives the Board has committed to realize. More

  5. Edition No29 of the European Actuary - Quarterly Magazine of the AAE More

  6. AAE submitted a response to EIOPA’s public consultation on retail investor protection. More

  7. The Annual Report gives an overview of the economic and financial developments during the reporting year, both on the domestic front and abroad. More

  8. FSMA bundles its expectations regarding IORP II, referring to good practices and EIOPA Opinions. More

  9. Servaas Houben (IA|BE Qualified Actuary) and Ronald Ketellapper explore the challenges of financial supervision in small countries, looking in particular at Curaçao. More

  10. To what extent can mortality data from 2020 and 2021 be of use, given how abnormal these years have been? More