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  1. Edition No32 of the European Actuary - Quarterly Magazine of the AAE More

  2. Inflation and impact on the insurance sector (24/11/2022) More

  3. This year, Eduniversal Evaluation Agency has analyzed more than 25 000 programmes and among which 5600 programmes in 55 fields of study, were included in the ranking either nationally or internationally oriented.   More

  4. On 9 November 2022, L'Echo published an article following the note prepared by IA|BE on inflation and its impact on the insurance sector. More

  5. Ensuing the IA|BE Board Statement, the magazine Verzekeringswereld/Monde de l'Assurance devotes an article to the five priorities of the Institute. More

  6. AAE published the AAE Discussion Paper ‘Sustainability issues and reputational risk for insurance companies and pension funds'. More

  7. Edition No31 of the European Actuary - Quarterly Magazine of the AAE More

  8. Servaas Houben considers how IFRS 17 principles could benefit insurers in the Caribbean – and what European insurers could learn from the region when it comes to implementing the standard. More

  9. Johan de Witt Prize 2022

    Dated24 August 2022

    Johan De Witt(2).jpg

    The Royal Dutch Actuarial Association (Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap) annually offers a prize worth € 5.000 for the best (scientific) actuarial thesis. More