IA|BE Prize 2023 awarded

During the Extraordinary General Assembly of 16 October 2023 the IA|BE Prize 2023 was awared.

On Monday 16 October 2023, the IA|BE Prize 2023 was awarded by Ludovic Theate, Chairman of the Educational Committee.

The purpose of the IA|BE Prize is to reward master theses dealing with research or practical application in the field of actuarial sciences and/or the practice of the actuarial profession.

We are proud to present the 2023 prize winners:

  • Third prize - The effect of including Weapon Stocks on Performance, Riskiness and Sustainibility of an Investment Portfolio by Rebecca Baijer
  • Second prize - Social Network Analysis for Insurance Fraud Detection by Bruno Deprez
  • First Prize - A Practioner's Guide to a Flood Risk Assessment by Yelle Hunninck


(from left to right: Ludovic Theate, Yelle Hunninck, Bruno Deprez, Rebecca Baijer)