IA|BE Salary Survey 2020

IA|BE Salary Survey 2020

ByIA|BE Dated5 May 2020

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Fourth edition.

It is already the fourth time that IA|BE is launching a salary survey about the remuneration and job satisfaction of its members. The first edition of a similar survey was organized in 2005 and it was repeated every five years since then.

Last time, more than 300 members participated in this survey, thereby showing the strong interest of our members in such kind of information.

In order to guarantee the full confidentiality of the data used to perform the study, the Board of IA|BE has decided to cooperate – just like for the previous editions - with Hudson, a company specialized in HR research.

All documents, such as the GDPR agreement and the Privacy Notice, necessary to guarantee the absolute confidentiality have been signed by Hudson and the IA|BE. The Privacy Notice will also be available on Hudson’s website.

Hudson will commit to only using the salary data for the reporting of this survey. Furthermore, under no circumstances shall the individual salary data be disclosed to the IA|BE. Vice versa the IA|BE will not share any personal data with Hudson, thus preventing identification of the participants.

The results of this survey will be presented during an event which will take place in the second half of 2020. More details about this event will follow later.

Members who participate in the salary survey will receive the report with the full results of the survey. 

Within the next coming days, you will receive a personally addressed mail with detailed information about how to participate in this salary survey.  

We would like to thank you already in advance for your participation!