WG Risk Management

Terms of reference

The working group will consider, from the point of view of the actuarial profession, matters relating to risk management in a broad sense. In particular the working group aims to:

  • prepare reactions to consultations;
  • collaborate with other working groups of IA|BE in considering issues of joint concern;
  • develop position papers on risk management issues;
  • provide a meeting and discussion platform for actuaries related to risk management;
  • proactively identify new opportunities and relevant areas of interest.

The working group will operate in two workstreams: RM Insurance and RM Pension Funds.


There are no activities published at the moment. Please check back later!

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Members WS Insurance

  • BOGAERTS, Mathieu

  • Boigelot, Simon

  • DEMOL, Philippe

  • Folacci, Baptiste

  • LUCAS, Mélissa

  • NACEUR, Ghazi

  • NYOB, Nephtys-Agathe

  • WAMBEKE, Mathias

  • WELLEMANS, Véronique

Members WS Pension Funds



  • DEMOL, Philippe

  • GEURTS, Ruben

  • LEJOUR, Muriel

  • LUCAS, Mélissa

  • VANDEPITTE, Geoffrey

  • VERHEYEN, Tien Dao

  • WANG, Wen (Alex)