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Follow up of the mortality in the Belgian population.
As from start of the working group, it was decided to split it in 6 subgroups:

  1. Prospective mortality tables
    Look for an update of the prospective mortality table of IA|BE which was set up in 2015.
  2. Excess mortality in the Workers compensation
    Look for excess mortality in Workers compensation
  3. Mortality in the first pillar
    Aim is to examine the mortality and/or survival in the first pillar, the most important part concerns the pension environment
  4. Mortality in the second pillar
    Look for experience in mortality and/or survival in the second pillar, also annuities are an interesting source
  5. Look at models and shocks
    In Solvency II the impact of models to predict mortality is one of the milestones for actuaries, also the impact of shocks on the solvency ratio is an important issue
  6. Excess of mortality by causes
    Look for impact of excess mortality in function of causes and the influence of new medical experience on the mortality.


  • Have a clear view on the mortality or on survival;
  • The provided studies must help actuaries to unerstand mortality over different domains;
  • Educate IA|BE members over the topic.


  • Present the new evolutions by presentations;
  • Inform IA|BE members about this topic.


DE POOTER Jean-Claude

DE POOTER Jean-Claude


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