IA|BE Qualified Actuaries

Guaranteeing and promoting quality

With a view to guaranteeing and promoting the quality of professional practice and maintaining the necessary professionalism and expertise in practising the actuarial profession, a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system has been developed within the Institute.

In principle, the Institute grants the title of "IA|BE Qualified Actuary" to members who:

  1. have at least three years of professional experience as an actuary;
  2. have acquired at least 60 CPD points over a period of three years;
  3. have demonstrated their knowledge of the Code of Professional Conduct.

The CPD system, by which members can acquire CPD points, is described in detail in the House Rules (see: Governance).

Below you find a list of current IA|BE Qualified Actuaries.

  • ZEKHNINI,Souad

  • ZHAI,Hua (Catherine)

  • ZHENG,Li