About IA|BE Prospective Mortality Tables 2020

IA|BE Prospective Mortality Tables 2020

Websession : The IA|BE  2020 mortality projection for the Belgian population and the Covid-19 impact analyse : 23/11/2020


16h00 - 16h05 : Welcome (by Jean-Claude De Pooter)

16h05 - 17h05 : The IA|BE2020  mortality projection for the Belgian population, by Katrien Antonio, Sander Devriendt and Jens Robben

  • Data collection using Eurostat, HMD and StatBel
  • Technical model description, calibration and scenario generation
  • Assessing parameter uncertainty with a bootstrap procedure
  • Results, backtests and applications
  • From IA|BE2015 to IA|BE2020 impact of changes in data collection, model adjustments and recent data points.

17h05 - 17h15 : Break

 17h15 - 17h45 : Covid-19 impact analysis, by Katrien Antonio, Sander Devriendt, Dominik Sznajder, Jens Robben

  • Creating (virtual) data points for Belgium in 2020 and for the rest of EU in 2019-2020
  • Using the Short Term Mortality Fluctuations (STMF) from HMD and data from Eurostat
  • Scenarios for 2020
  • Recalibrating IA|BE2020 and impact assessment.

17h45 - 18h15 : Discussion

18h15 - 18h30 : Conclusions & Closing of the event

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Some practical information:

MS Teams will be used for the websession. May we kindly ask you to check if your firewall and computer settings support online participation. You can also use MS Teams on your smartphone.

Please also make sure that you are joining the websession with a stable internet connection. 

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