IA|BE Regulatory Watch (15/11/2019)

IA|BE Regulatory Watch (15/11/2019)

ByIA|BE Dated14 November 2019


IA|BE Regulatory Watch (15/11/2019)

We hereby present you the fourth issue of the IA|BE Regulatory Watch. Through this publication we want to inform you of changes and updates in the regulatory framework that could impact your day-to-day work.

As we operate in a heavily regulated industry, we can’t claim to be complete. Our main aim is to make you aware of the changes and to trigger your attention.

We distinguish 3 categories: regulatory items from Belgian (BE), European (EUR) and International (INT) instances. 

The IA|BE Regulatory Watch is based on publicly available information.

As of this edition, we separate the information in 2 parts: new information is published under "Recent Updates" whereas the content of former editions and relevant additions can be found in the second part of the document. This allows you to have all information combined in one single document.